Buoys By The Lake, About Us
"The Happy Camper"

Cabin Rentals in beautiful central Illionis

• Camper Repair & Service 33 Yrs. Exp. Reasonable
• Camper - Rentals: Fully Equipped Campers - We Tow - We Equip - You Enjoy
• Cabin Rentals 1 Bedroom - Marina 1/8 mi Away
• Camper Parts in Stock
• This - That - The Other Store
• Located on Beautiful Lake Shelbyville
• Camper - Boat Detailing - Inside & Out Service
• Located 1/8 Miles West of Finlay Marina
• Just a Few Minutes, between Eagle Creek and Wolf Creek
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Buoys By The Lake
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"The Happy Camper"

RR1 Box 140E
Findlay, IL 62534
Email or call 217-756-8882

"Let Us Help Make Your Vacation"